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The TTHF is a member-driven organisation. Your membership helps support the Foundation’s various heart health initiatives and programmes throughout the year, as well as providing the latest information and research from Cardiologists and the TTHF's International Affiliates to all members of the public in an effort to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease in Trinidad and Tobago.

Membership Term

Membership Type

Membership Fee


1 Year
(Renewed Annually)




Member Benefits

  1. Be the first to be issued invitations to the TTHF’s exclusive upcoming events
  2. Attend and participate in the procedures of TTHF Annual General Meetings 
  3. Receive discounts from TTHF's annual partnered sponsors
  4. Receive our E-newsletter and any special announcements or heart health information directly
  5. Entitlement to free TTHF heart health lectures for company/organization and TTHF participation at outreach events providing free health screening to attendees
  6. Access to an abundance of TTHF heart health literature
  7. Receive discounts on TTHF hosted events and event packages
  8. Become one of the crucial elements in helping the TTHF in fulfilling its mission to promote heart health awareness to reduce the incidence of Cardiovascular Disease among the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.
  9. Increase your opportunities to network among our local heart health community
  10. Have access to platforms to become part of a collective and national voice on critical heart health issues.
  11. Develop partnerships by being part of an alliance of governments and NGOs
  12. Receive validation of membership (upon request)
  13. Strengthen your CV with the support of a reputable non-governmental organization
  14. Strengthen your credibility and capacity through association with the TTHF as well as with an alliance of cardiologists, directors and board members within the TTHF and other NGOs
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