Past achievements

  • A Video Heart documentary, acclaimed by PAHO as the best production on health matters.

  • 1998 - In June The TTHF introduced the inaugural Heart month, which culminated in the now annual Heartbeat Walk/Run event. Heart Month typically includes nation-wide public educational campaigns, cholesterol and blood pressure testing as well as other health related activities and events. The annual Heart Walk/Run has evolved into a major event on the sporting/health calendar and attracts thousands of participants and supporters.

  • 2000 - Initiated in October, the South Fun Walk & Health Fair continues to be a well attended and supported event.

  • 2001 - The TTHF together with the Ministry of Education launched a three-part school initiative that involved providing teachers and students of Common Entrance/ SEA classes with training and information as part of the “Healthy Lifestyle” program.

  • In collaboration with the Emergency Health Service (EHS) the TTHF launched a Professional Certification Training Course in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

  • 2002 - The TTHF formed the Cardiac Life Support Training Group sub-committee, which conducts Basic and Advanced Life Support courses, targeting health care professionals. The group has thus far held over twenty (20) training sessions, involving over three hundred (300) persons, and is now a self-sufficient entity.

  • 2003 - The TTHF held its first Cardiology Conference at the Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre. The conference attracted over one hundred (100) participants and included international speakers from the UK, USA, Canada & Barbados as well as renowned local practitioners.

  • 2004 - In June , the TTHF hosted the Third Caribbean Conference on Emergency Cardiac Care, in collaboration with PAHO, the IAHF, UWI, the AHA and the Ministry of Health. The event included presentations from several national and international practitioners, and was a resounding success by all indications.

  • 2005 - In November, the TTHF published the first issue of its quarterly newsletter entitled "Live Healthier, Live Longer!"

  • 2006 - In March, the TTHF launched its Logo Sponsorship Program through partnerships with Corporate Sponsors who distribute eligible healthy products. The TTHF also launched its own website.

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